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What We Do

IFC is distinctly positioned to confront the challenges of private sector development.

We account for nearly a third of all development financing provided to the private sector by international financial institutions. Our focus on delivering quantifiable development results doesn’t simply help the poor—it has far-reaching effects on the private sector itself.

Financial markets account for almost half of IFC’s new investments each year. Sound financial markets are vital to development—they ensure efficient resource allocation, create jobs, and spur economic growth.

We focus on small and medium enterprises, microfinance, trade, and climate change, among others. IFC is a leading investor in microfinance. We create innovative products in insurance and supply-chain finance to reach the poor. We are rebuilding our investments in housing finance and are supporting capital-market development in light of the global financial crisis.

The crisis underscored the need for IFC in financial markets. Small and medium enterprises, which account for more than half of employment worldwide, saw lines of credit reduced or eliminated. Investors shied away from capital markets. IFC stepped in to fill the gap.

To maximize our impact, we work with financial intermediaries to extend financial products and best practices to more businesses and microfinance entrepreneurs than we could on our own.


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