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  • Over 80 percent of financing for sustainable growth will have to come from the private sector. Banks, leasing companies, equity funds, microfinance organizations and other non-bank financial
    entities will play a critical role.
  • IFC’s financial partners are finding success in new climate-smart market segments while their clients reduce risk, lower operating costs, and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change and economic uncertainty.
  • IFC has supported 125 financial partners through 135 sustainability and climate projects in 37 countries since 1997. We provided $4.5 billion in financing that helped to reduce over 30 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


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Sustainability and Climate Business



  • There has never been a better time for private firms and the banks that finance them to make profitable investments in sustainable development.
  • Sustainable and climate-smart investments in emerging markets increased 47 percent per year between 2004 and 2011, spurred by supportive regulations and declining technology costs.
  • New investment needs will reach at least $700 billion annually between now and 2030. This includes economically viable projects in:
    • clean energy technology and infrastructure
    • resource-efficient industry
    • green building







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