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Retail Finance


Agriculture Finance: Agriculture is a major source of livelihood throughout the world, especially for the 75 percent of poor people living in rural areas of developing countries. In fact, agriculture is a source of livelihood for 86 percent of rural people, but lack of access to finance to adopt efficient technologies and resource allocation holds farmers back.


Capital Markets: Capital Markets allow businesses to raise long-term funds by providing a market for securities, both through debt and equity. Capital Markets offer a whole range of sometimes complicated products which allow businesses and banks not just to raise capital but also to ‘hedge’ (protect) against risks.


Debt and Asset Recovery (DARP): As a result of the global financial crisis, businesses are facing difficulties refinancing debt and banks are dealing with rising levels of non-performing loans. High levels of troubled assets restrict credit flows and mean individuals and businesses suffer reduced access to affordable finance.


Housing Finance: Housing Finance generates economic growth via job creation, entrepreneurship, and economic linkages and makes it possible both for people to have shelter and a real asset. For these reasons, IFC works with clients to increase access to housing finance in emerging markets and consequently, to increase affordable housing.


Insurance: No risks, no rewards! However, an abundance of unmitigated risks can move individuals back into the poverty cycle; can endanger the survival of a business and affect jobs; and finally will seriously impair economic endeavors.


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