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MSME Finance



Leasing can be an effective channel in tackling the critical global challenges of climate change and the food crisis by supporting investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner production, and agribusiness equipment.


Microfinance: Microenterprises and small businesses account for the major share of the private sector and employment in many developing countries. Yet, despite their size and importance, these businesses rarely have access to the savings, credit, and payment services provided by formal financial institutions.


Retail Payments: IFC's Global Innovative Retail Payments Program works to increase access to banking services through developing innovative and sustainable retail payments services as a point of entry for low income populations. The program supports the development of innovative and sustainable retail payment solutions using technologies such as mobile phones, EFTPOS and payment card infrastructure to deliver payment services at low cost to the base of the pyramid as well as other users.

SME Banking: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are critical for the economic and social development of emerging markets. They play a major role in creating jobs and generating income for low income people. In many emerging markets, however, access to financial services for SMEs remains severely constrained.


Banking on Women: Working in collaboration with IFC’s Financial Markets Department, IFC’s BOW program helps bank profitably and sustainably serve women businesses. We provide financing for on-lending to women entrepreneurs, as well as advisory services to enhance our client commercial banks’ ability to address the needs of the women’s market and provide the most appropriate products and services for this clientele.


Responsible Finance: IFC works closely with financial institutions to embed responsible finance principles into the core delivery of financial services, support responsible finance interventions, and expand product offerings sustainably. Responsible finance principles are integrated in IFC investment appraisals. To date, IFC has helped incentive over 80 institutions worldwide implement responsible finance solutions across microfinance, insurance, housing finance, sustainable energy finance, mobile banking, agri-finance and credit reporting.  

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