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Collateral Registries

Modern Secured Transactions Laws and Collateral Registries have a dramatic impact on economic development. Collateral provides the basis for free-flowing credit markets, reducing the potential losses lenders face from non-payment. While land and buildings are widely accepted as collateral for loans, the use of movable collateral (such as inventory, accounts receivables, crops and equipment) is restricted because many countries do not have functioning laws and registries to govern secured transactions.

Reforming the framework for movable collateral lending allows businesses—particularly SMEs—to leverage their assets into capital for investment and growth. Modern Secured Transactions Registries increase the availability of credit and reduce the cost of credit.

Our main objective: Increasing access to credit for firms

Our Secured Transactions and Collateral Registries team assists government clients in developing the appropriate legal and institutional frameworks to allow and encourage the use of movable assets as collateral for loans.

We combine deep knowledge and global experience to help modernize legislation, build electronic registries, and improve the capacity of stakeholders. In delivering the program, we work closely with World Bank Group partners (IFC's Advisory Services, the Doing Business Reform Unit, World Bank Finance and Private Sector Development departments) and with public and private stakeholders and other international organizations.


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