Global Trade Finance Program

IFC's Global Trade Finance Program (GTFP) guarantees the trade-related payment obligations of approved financial institutions in emerging markets (Issuing Banks) across all regions of the world. Through the GTFP bank network, local financial institutions can establish working partnerships with a vast number of major international and regional banks (Confirming Banks) in the program, thus broadening access to finance. By tapping the risk mitigation provided by the GTFP, international trade finance providers can enhance their global reach confidently, gain familiarity in new markets, and build relationships with quality counter-party banks in growth markets around the world.

The GTFP extends and complements the capacity of banks to deliver trade finance by providing risk mitigation on a per-transaction basis in challenging markets where trade lines may be limited. With its global mandate, dedicated trade specialists, and over 250 banks already in the GTFP, participants can finance their imports and exports conveniently by accessing a program that links them to an extensive network of bank partners worldwide.

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