Micro, small, and medium enterprises—by generating incomes and creating employment opportunities—are vital for the economic and social development of emerging markets. In a rapidly globalizing world, MSMEs urgently require greater investment in human capital to equip their workers for the jobs of the future.

Trainers, capacity builders, and coaches help ensure that the fast-growing populations of emerging markets can acquire high-quality, relevant vital job skills. However, local advisory service markets are fragmented, under-developed, and often of poor quality. Without improvement in the vital area of advisory services, the divide between the developed and developing world will not close.

IFC’s Local Advisory Services program builds human capital in emerging markets and fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS) by creating a network of qualified local advisory service providers which are certified to meet the highest professional standards. At the same time, the program promotes inclusion, supports women entrepreneurs, and significantly increases coordination among development stakeholders operating in this space.

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