GTFP Climate Smart Trade

Banks play a central role in helping confront the challenge of climate change. As a development institution, IFC works with our bank partners to support the trade of goods and services that enable their corporate clients to adopt energy efficient technologies, cut carbon emissions, and ensure the sustainability of their operations and their supply chains. 


Through the Climate Smart Trade initiative, IFC may provide a price incentive or longer tenors for equipment and projects guaranteed under the Global Trade Finance Program (GTFP) that have clearly defined climate change benefits. Banks may be asked to provide additional information to ensure that the goods qualify under international protocols. 


Eligible goods include:


Renewable Energy (RE)

Parts and equipment for any renewable technology, including: 


  • Biomass & biogas
    Biomass heating systems
    Biomass combustion boilers
    Cogeneration units


  • Ethanol*

    Heat pumps
    Heat exchangers


  • Hydro Power
    Turbines (Kaplan, Francis, Pelton, Turgo)
    Control systems
    Pipes for hydro power plant
    Power generators for hydro power plant
    Power transformers for hydro power plant


  • Solar PV, Solar Heat
    PV solar panels
    Solar cells (PV)
    Solar glass tubes
    Converters for PV plants
    Solar hot water heaters, tanks
    Support equipment


  • Wind Power
    Wind Turbines
    Construction bases
    Control systems
    Power transformers for wind power plant



In addition to the information required as per the GTFP agreement, we may ask for: 

  • Country of installation (if different from country of import) 
  • Installed equipment capacity 
  • Expected annual power output

         For ethanol:

  • Country of origin
  • Country of end use
  • Specification of end use

       * Only ethanol exports from Brazil are eligible



Energy Efficient Goods (EE)

Parts and equipment for any energy efficient goods, including: 


  • Fluorescent tubes
  • EE light bulbs, CFLs, LED lights
  • EE windows and doors
  • Household appliances (with US Energy Star label or EU Energy label of A and above)
  • Hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles
  • Heat exchangers
  • Insulation materials (for boilers & pipes or for building envelope) 
  • LPG buses
  • Steel for recycling (e.g. shredded steel scrap)
  • Thermostats



In addition to the information required as per the GTFP agreement, we may ask for: 

  • Equipment type/model 
  • Expected energy savings 
  • Type of fuel/energy saved



Energy Efficient (EE) Replacement Goods

Parts and equipment eligible if they replace older models: 


  • Air conditioners
  • Boilers
  • Compressors
  • Electric motors (high efficiency)
  • Energy meters
  • Generators (gas, electric, power)
  • Heaters
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing devices
  • Production lines
  • Steam/gas turbines (to be installed to existing boilers)
  • Ventilation systems



*Confirmation that new equipment replaces the existing one 

  • Type/model of the new equipment
  • Type/model of the equipment which is being replaced
  • Average energy consumption of the original equipment (MWh/year)
  • Expected energy savings from new equipment ( % or MWh/year)
  • Type of fuel/energy which has been saved


Climate Smart Agricultue


  • Certified crops (RTRS, Bonsucro, BCI, RSB, Global GAP)


*Documents confirming certification (e.g. pro forma invoice, etc)


If you are inquiring about a specific transaction that may qualify for the Climate Smart Trade initiative, please contact a GTFP business development representative in your region.