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This month, we spoke with Jonathan Louw, CEO of Honoris United Universities, the largest pan-African private higher education network, about designing programs that meet the needs of today’s labor market and help young people in emerging markets find jobs.

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Zeynep Kantur
Global Sector Manager of Health and Education, IFC

Expert Voices: An Interview with Jonathan Louw, CEO, Honoris United Universities

“The more you engage with regulators, employers, and your own faculty, the better able you are to gain the experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.”  
Read the interview here.

What's new with Vitae

Attracting and retaining international students is a powerful way for universities to prepare graduates for the global labor market. IFC’s Vitae employability team hosted a webinar to discuss practical ways higher education institutions can build a more international culture.

Traditional four-year degrees are impractical for some students, so higher education administrators need alternatives. In another
 recent webinar, Vitae’s advisors brought together industry experts to share ways universities can incorporate microcredentials to improve graduate employment outcomes.


Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Pakistan received less than 2 percent of global venture capital funding in 2021. To help build the digital economy in these regions, 
IFC launched a new $225 million platform
to support startups bringing innovative solutions to various sectors, including education.


IFC’s Juliana Guaqueta hosted a lively discussion with a panel of industry experts on the mismatch between graduate skills and labor market needs. They shared ways to improve curriculum and career services to better prepare students to secure meaningful employment.

Upcoming Webinar

On December 16, IFC's Alejandro Caballero will meet with five global experts to delve into the use of Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to recover from pandemic-related learning loss. Registration is open, and we invite you to join us from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. EST.

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