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This month we spoke with the CEO of the Maharishi Invincibility Institute, an innovative higher education provider in South Africa that focuses on developing students’ socio-emotional skills. We also are sharing links to our education webinar series and our latest thought leadership. As always, please send us your comments and also suggestions for future interviews.


Chris McCahan
Acting Head of Health and Education, IFC
Expert Voices: An interview with Dr. Taddy Blecher

Dr. Taddy Blecher is CEO of the Maharishi Invincibility Institute, a private nonprofit higher education provider in South Africa. In this interview, he explains that educators should invest in their students’ socio-emotional skills and emotional well-being as a route to improving learning and economic outcomesRead the interview here.

Webinar Series

‘Education as an Enterprise Business: The Emergence of Workforce Solutions’
There’s a growing diversity in higher education student profiles as people more often switch jobs and work longer. Our speakers unpacked new data on job and wage outcomes of varied educational offerings.

‘Reskilling and Upskilling in the New Economy’
Speakers from Africa, Brazil, and India discussed how to ensure flexible pathways between general and technical education tracks, how to give due recognition to skills acquired on the job, and how to deliver education in a more flexible way. 

‘Lifelong Learning: A Changing Paradigm’
$17 trillion is the latest estimate of what the pandemic will cost in lost earnings due to loss of learning. The need for lifelong learning has never been greater and education markets are responding in exciting ways, as discussed by leading investors and providers in this space from the United States, India, and South Africa outlined.

Engaging Employers for Employability
How do universities use program advisory committees, applied research, and other tools to strengthen connections with industry? A recent webinar organized by Vitae, an IFC initiative that works with universities to improve employability outcomes of graduates, interviewed two experts in the field to learn best practices.

Expanding Digital Skills Across Africa
Demand for digital skills in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing among employers. To discuss the implications of this for education, IFC invited four leading voices in this field to share insights in February, 2022. Click here to view the webinar recording


Digital innovation is helping one of Peru’s top universities thrive. IFC’s recent case study on the success of Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, which consistently receives a high ranking from AmericaEconómica, offers key takeaways on what it takes to succeed.

In higher education, some students opt for short-cycle programs, typically two or three year-long courses that tend to focus on practical, technical skills. A study by the World Bank analyzed how they compare to the longer degree-based programs in quality, affordability—and labor market and wage outcomes

In this short video highlighting IFC’s investment in Ânima Educação and Grupo Ser Educacional in Brazil, we show how education is a powerful tool for reducing poverty and increasing equality, helping to increase the sector's resilience and improve the access and the quality of educational services. 
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