IFC Guidelines for Coaching on Food Safety

This document provides guidelines for food safety specialists and consultants on coaching client food safety teams. The main objective of the document is to ensure a consistent approach across all food safety projects. The guidelines are not intended to replace engagement with experienced specialists or consultants during the project. Assess, train, coach, and reassess is the approach of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in providing food safety advisory services. To ensure that all specialists and consultants have the same understanding, each activity is clearly defined.

In general, there are three phases in coaching a client food safety team, as follows:

  1. use the initial assessment as a guide and analyze the current situation and condition underlying each element of the prerequisite program (PRP) or FSMS,
  2. adopt a step-by-step approach to the implementation of specific elements of the PRP or FSMS and to additional requirements, and
  3. maintain and update the FSMS that has been implemented by the food safety team.

These three phases are explained under each topic.