The World Bank Group has mounted a broad and decisive response to the pandemic — the largest in our history. From April 2020 through the end of fiscal 2021 (June 30, 2021), Bank Group financing totaled over $157 billion. The scale of this response reflects the Bank Group’s strong financial position, underpinned by the 2018 IBRD and IFC General Capital Increases and the IDA19 Replenishment. It includes:


in financing from IBRD for middle-income countries.


from IFC to private companies and financial institutions.


in guarantees from MIGA to support private sector investors and lenders.


from recipient-executed trust funds.


of IDA resources on grant and highly concessional terms for the poorest countries, with built-in debt relief for countries at risk of debt distress.

*Includes long-term commitments from IFC’s own account, short-term finance commitments, and core mobilization.