Providing advice is a critical part of IFC’s strategy to create markets—an effort coordinated with governments and the World Bank. Through our advisory programs, we work with clients—including companies, financial institutions, industries, and governments—to transform ideas into bankable projects. We help establish the necessary conditions that will attract capital, enabling the private sector to grow.

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Development Outcome Reach by IFC’s Advisory Clients

Retail Payment & Mobile Banking
Number of non-cash retail transactions (millions) 331.4
Value of non-cash retail transactions ($ billions) 7.1
Credit Infrastructure
Collateral registries or credit bureaus created or improved 5
SMEs & Microenterprises receiving loans secured with movable property (millions) 1.2
Financing facilitated ($ billions) 186.8
Farmers reached (millions) 0.3
Corporate Governance 
Financing facilitated ($ billions) 1.3
Energy & Resource Efficiency
Financing facilitated ($ millions) 643.8
People with access to improved services (millions) 7.1
Public-Private Partnerships
PPPs that reached commercial close  8
Private financing estimated at commercial close ($ millions) 950.6
People expected with access to improved infrastructure and health services (millions) 4.4
Improving Business Environment1
Number of investment climate reforms 39
Direct compliance cost savings ($ millions) 12.3
Investment promotion ($ millions) 368.2


  1. Advisory Services program delivered through WBG Global Practices (GPs).