IFC gives each investment client company an overall development outcome rating based on the company’s contribution to the country where the investment took place. The rating is a synthesis—not an average—of its underlying performance in four areas: economic, environmental & social, financial, and private sector development. The areas are, in turn, rated according to selected indicators mapped to each of them.

The Development Effectiveness score is a portfolio-level aggregated score that reflects the percentage of client companies receiving positive ratings on a rolling report cohort for each fiscal year. In FY19, a total of 777 client companies were included in the reporting cohort, rated by IFC investment project teams.

Weighted and Unweighted Investment Services Development Effectiveness Scores FY17-FY19


Numbers at the left end of each bar for unweighted DOTS score are the total number of companies rated.
Numbers at the left end of each bar for weighted DOTS score represent total IFC investment (US$ millions) in those projects.

Investment Services Development Results by Performance Area, FY18 vs. FY19


Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.

Investment Services Development Effectiveness Score by Industry, FY18 vs. FY19


1Includes IFC's activities in oil, gas, and mining

Investment Services Development Effectiveness Score by Region, FY18 vs. FY19

Development Reach by IFC's Clients

  CY17 CY18
Employment (million jobs)1 2.5 2.1
Microfinance Loans2, 3
Number(million) 54.4 50.3
Amount($ billion) 73.9 76.0
SME Loans2, 3
Number(million) 8.3 7.9
Amount($ billion) 364.7 360.6
Trade Finance4
Number(million) 1.6 1.7
Amount($ billion) 259.5 264.4
People reached with services
Power generation(million people)5 77.1 81.5
Power distribution(million people) 18.0 15.6
Water distribution(million people) 18.2 18.0
Gas distribution(million people)6 3.1 3.4
Phone connections(million people) 186.7 186.9
Patients served(in million) 41.2 49.9
Students reached(in million)7, 8 5.5 4.7
Farmers reached(in million) 3.7 5.3
Payments to suppliers and governments
Domestic purchases of goods and services($ billion) 38.3 46.3
Contribution to government revenues or savings($ billion) 15.8 14.3

Most of development reach indicators reflect the impacts of IFC clients in which IFC has directly invested. Indicators rely on data provided by IFC clients, and are therefore subject to certain precautions, as expressed in the notes (2) and (3) below and in the Independent Assurance Report.
1 Figures include the jobs of the companies invested by the funds that are financed by IFC. In CY18, these jobs represented 30% of the total.
2 Figures represent the micro, small, and medium outstanding loan portfolio of IFC clients (investment but also advisory services), for MSME-oriented financial institutions and projects. Data on the number of micro loans and SME loans have been extrapolated for 3 clients, representing 5% and 55% of the indicators, respectively.
3 Reported microfinance and SME data include a substantial contribution from a large institution in Asia.
4 The total number and dollar volume of trade transactions financed by the Global Trade Finance Program’s network of emerging-market banks are based on actual data from 92% (number) and 96% (dollar volume) of the network’s active banks for CY18. This data represents the total transactions executed by network banks supported by the GTFP program. Data for the remaining 8% (number) and 4% (dollar volume) has been calculated by IFC using internal calculation guidelines by summing up only transactions directly guaranteed by IFC for these network banks. The figures are not directly comparable to last year’s due to variance in the number of active banks in the program and those who submitted survey responses. CY17 data has been updated to reflect prior-year data corrections from survey participants.
5 CY17 total power generation customers reached revised due to the restatement of one client value in Sub-Saharan Africa.
6 One client in East Asia & the Pacific contributed 2.4 million of Gas Distribution customers reached in CY18.
7 One client in the global region contributed 2.8 million students reached in CY18.
8 CY17 total students reached revised due to the restatement of one client value in South Asia.