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A robust and modern infrastructure boosts economic growth, creates jobs, and improves living standards. Because governments in emerging economies often lack resources to spend on infrastructure, private enterprises have a huge opportunity to step up and make a significant contribution by providing essential services to large numbers of people—efficiently, affordably, and profitably. IFC supports private infrastructure projects with innovative, high-impact business models that can be replicated.

In FY19, our new long-term investments in this sector totaled about $3.9 billion, including $2.9 billion mobilized from other investors.

FY19 Development Results

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Industry

$ millions, for the year ending June 30
Long-term investment commitments 1,056
Loans 859
Equity 173
Guarantees and risk management 24
Core mobilization* 2,855
Total commitments 3,911
Portfolio Exposure** for IFC's account 11,193
Committed portfolio for loan syndications*** 5,767
Total committed portfolio 16,959

* Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans, and MCPP Loans), IFC Initiatives, AMC, Other Mobilization by Decision, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Mobilization.
** Portfolio exposure is defined as the sum of the (i) committed exposure for IFC’s debt investments, (ii) fair market value of IFC’s equity investments, and (iii) total undisbursed equity commitments.
*** Including B-Loans, Agented Parallel Loans, MCPP Loans, Unfunded Risk Participations (URP), and A-Loan Participations (ALPS).

Development Reach

Infrastructure Portfolio
  CY17 CY18
Employment 95,301 98,663
Female employment 17,240 18,943
Power generation (millions of people) 1 79.2 81.5
Power distribution (millions of people) 1 18.0 15.6
Water distribution (millions of people) 2 18.2 18.0
Airport passengers (millions) 23.3 21.1
Airline passengers (millions) 4.5 5.4
Containers handled (M TEU Containers) 8.2 9.2
Payments to governments ($ millions) 4,831 4,086

1 Includes data from IFC clients that may not be mapped to this industry sector.
2 CY17 water distribution customers reached was revised after FY18 because of the restatement one client in Sub-Saharan Africa.