Development Effectiveness assesses the extent to which an IFC project achieved its intended development results and advanced private sector development. The rating is a synthesis – not an average – of project performance in five areas: strategic relevance, results including outputs, outcomes and impacts, and efficiency.

The Development Effectiveness score is a portfolio-level aggregated score that reflects the percentage of projects receiving positive ratings among all projects completed within a fiscal year. In FY19, 107 advisory projects were completed and assessed for Development Effectiveness ratings.

Advisory Services Development Effectiveness Score by Business Area (%), FY18 vs. FY19


1The business groupings are different from last year to reflect the re-alignment of Advisory Services. The FY18 data is also recalculated as the comparators.
2The FY18 and FY19 DE for TMT & Venture Investing and Environment, Social & Governance, and FY19 DE for Infrastructure & Natural Resources are based on less then five rated projects.

Advisory Services Development Effectiveness Score by Region (%), FY18 vs. FY19

Development Reach by IFC's Advisory Clients

Retail Payments and Mobile Banking
Number of non-cash retail transaction (million) 295.8
Value of non-cash retail transaction ($ billion)1 206.2
Credit Infrastructure
Collateral registries of credit bureaus created or improved 6
SMEs and Microenterprises receiving loans secured with movable property 999,379
Financing facilitated ($billion) 88.8
Farmers reached (million) 0.6
Corporate Governance
Financing facilitated ($million) 326.0
Energy and Resource Efficiency
Financing facilitated ($million)2 299.3
People with access to improved services (million) 7.5
Public-Private Partnerships
PPP that reached commercial close 14
Private financing estimated at commercial close ($million) 1568.4
People expected with access to improved infrastructure and health services (million) 21.6
Improving Business Environment3
Number of investment climate reforms 52
Direct compliance cost savings ($million) 167.4
Investment promotion ($million) 237.5

1 The big increase compared to the results in last year's annual report is due to one project in China, which contributed 95% of the total CY18 results.
2 More than half of the CY18 results were contributed by closed projects through post-implementation monitoring.
3 AS program delivered through WBG Global Practices (GPs).