Financial Statements

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Financial Year 2020 

FY20 Q1 Financial Statements

FY20 Q2 Financial Statements

FY20 Q3 Financial Statements

Financial Year 2019 

FY19 Q1 Financial Statements

FY19 Q2 Financial Statements 

FY19 Q3 Financial Statements

FY19 Financial Statements

FY19 Annual Information Statements 

Financial Year 2018

FY18 Q1 Financial Statements 

FY18 Q2 Financial Statements 

FY18 Q3 Financial Statements 

FY18 Financial Statements

FY18 Annual Information Statements

FY18 Annual Information Statements (Japanese Version)


Financial Year 2017 

FY17 Q1 Financial Statements 

FY17 Q2 Financial Statements 

FY17 Q3 Financial Statements 

FY17 Financial Statements

FY17 Annual Information Statements

FY17 Annual Information Statements (Japanese Version)


Financial Year 2016       

FY16 Q1 Financial Statements

FY16 Q2 Financial Statements 

FY16 Q3 Financial Statements 

FY16 Financial Statements

FY16 Annual Information Statements

FY16 Annual Information Statements (Japanese Version)


Financial Year 2015     

FY15 Q1 Financial Statements

FY15 Q2 Financial Statements

FY15 Q3 Financial Statements 

FY15 Financial Statements

FY15 Annual Information Statements


Financial Year 2014

FY14 Q1 Financial Statements 

FY14 Q2 Financial Statements

FY14 Q3 Financial Statements

FY14 Financial Statements

FY14 Financial Statements (Russian Version)

FY14 Annual Information Statements



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