MALENA: IFC’s Machine Learning ESG Analyst

MALENA is an Artificial Intelligence powered analyst that extracts meaningful insights from unstructured Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data at scale, enabling rapid analysis, increasing productivity and enhancing investor confidence.

How does MALENA work?

MALENA at a Glance

Trained by IFC on 16 years of unique emerging markets ESG data, MALENA uses Natural Language Processing to analyze unstructured text such as annual and sustainability reports, news and impact assessments, rapidly identifies over 1000 ESG risk terms and predicts sentiments based on context.

ESG Sentiment Analysis


Training labels


Model accuracy


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ESG sentiments predicted

Who is MALENA for?


MALENA is designed for institutional investors, regulators, capital markets authorities and data providers seeking to screen for ESG risks in emerging markets while tackling constraints in analytical capacity.

sentiment analysis

Climate sentiment use cases

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Gender inclusion assessment

Biodiversity Analysis

How can you access MALENA?


MALENA will be available in late 2023.



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