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Kaiima is a plant breeding technology company, which is developing a pioneering non-GMO technology that, coupled with advanced breeding programs, can help boost the productivity and resource usage efficiency of high-impact food and energy crops. The technology can help deliver strong yield improvements across a variety of crops, including high-impact food crops, industrial crops and vegetable seeds.


IFC & Kaiima


IFC invested in Kaiima's series C round of financing in 2013. This financing will be used for research and development, working capital and continued global business development, including in developing countries such as China, Kazakhstan and Mexico. IFC is represented on the board of Kaiima. This relationship helps leverage IFC’s emerging market client network, opening new sales opportunities in developing countries. IFC focuses on ensuring E&S best practices, improving corporate governance and guiding the company's emerging markets strategy.


Development Impact


Kaiima’s technology is expected to have significant development impact by (i) increasing agricultural yields which will result in increased land use efficiency; (ii) developing seed alternatives that are adapted to climate extremes in emerging markets; (iii) creating a non-GMO product that requires fewer regulatory hurdles and thus can benefit smaller markets, including smallholder farmers in IDA countries; (iv) promoting the development of sustainable industrial oils and thereby reduce GHG emissions.

The technology has the potential to create a transformational change in the seed industry and strengthen global food security.






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