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Sustainability at IFC

Sustainability at IFC 

Sustainable and Inclusive Investing

Sustainable and Inclusive Investing


What we do


IFC's Sustainable and Inclusive Investing teams aim to mobilize institutional capital into sustainable and inclusive equity funds and indices by working with: 1) firms to identify and report; 2) investors to recognize; and 3) markets to reward sustainable and inclusive business practices.



How we do it


We focus on promoting the business case of sustainable investing, establishing sustainability standards, training, and creating new financial products by:


  • Demonstrating to investors that managing sustainability factors improves financial returns.
  • Working with regulators to improve market standards and encouraging the use of IFC's Performance Standards as a framework for managing and reporting on sustainability factors.
  • Training investment funds on considering sustainability risks and opportunities throughout the lifetime of the investment.
  • Developing partnerships with commercial entities such as index providers and investment funds to develop innovative sustainable investment products that mobilize institutional capital.





MoneyMoves: How Private Sector Finance Can Work for a Sustainable Future

IFC invited 15 extraordinary business leaders in environmental and social sustainability to identify challenges in the "green" growth path. They share what they do to address them as well as what they think governments and regulators should do. Their proposals are intriguing: realistic, tested, pragmatic and feasible. And they all lead to the same conclusion: the time for leadership is now.  More »




Sustainable and Inclusive Investing Resources


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