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Public-Private Dialogue


Public-private dialogue (PPD) in the investment climate means regularly bringing together government and the private sector in a transparent manner to discuss regulatory reforms that are needed for business to grow.


IFC believes that proactively including women in PPD can help maximize the effectiveness and benefits of business regulation reform.


Proactively Including Women Maximizes Outcome


Women entrepreneurs may experience different legal, regulatory, and administrative barriers to business than their male counterparts. It is critical, therefore, that women's voices be heard as well as men's.


The challenge is that women tend to be under-represented in both policy-making institutions and within formal and informal business networks. In addition, PPD processes do not always extend to the local level, where most women entrepreneurs have their businesses. Instead, PPD structures often focus on the central government and private sector organizations representing large, national and international corporations.


Analysis and Guidance from IFC 


IFC specialists help clients analyze the extent to which existing or potential PPD structures incorporate gender issues. We then provide guidance and support to strengthen the engagement of women entrepreneurs in advocating for, contributing to, and playing leadership roles. This could include assistance to women's business organizations, or the creation of special women's forums as part of the larger PPD process.


Helping Women Help Themselves


Supporting women's business networks has the additional very important effect of helping businesswomen learn from each other. By coming together as a group, women entrepreneurs are more likely to access information, training, and resources to help their businesses grow.


Step-by-Step Guide for Reform 


For a step-by-step guide on how to include a gender dimension in PPD, refer to Gender Dimensions of Investment Climate Reform: A Guide for Policy Makers and Practitioners.

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