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Sustainability Days set the stage for FT/IFC Awards

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As the world population reached seven billion and we continue to face challenges in the global economy, the financial industry will need to acknowledge that their clients operate at the nexus of some of the world's most pressing development challenges such as resource scarcities in water, food, and energy and, more generally, environmental degradation, social exclusion, and climate change.  Financial intermediaries do have the opportunity to address these challenges, convert them into opportunities, and differentiate themselves in their respective markets by offering a new range of sustainable financial products.


Now more than ever, financial markets players are realizing that by effectively managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and identifying opportunities in conjunction with these risks, they can create long-term value for their businesses.  Some of these players are driven to sustainability by the need to manage their ESG risks.  Others embrace sustainability because of a desire to offer innovative products to clients, and differentiate themselves from competitors.  Given the need for financial operators to re-establish trust, building such a long-term value becomes even more critical, both in developed and emerging markets.


The current challenges to the global economy provide the perfect spotlight for underscoring the importance of sustainability and of sustainable business practices.


Sustainability Days



The Sustainability Days are a collaborative initiative that aims at promoting IFC's global sustainable business practices and offerings.  The objective of the Days is twofold:


  • To raise awareness and understanding of the business case for sustainable finance; and,
  • To increase the adoption of sustainability by reaching out to leaders and opinion makers and assist them in embedding sustainability into the DNA of the FIs under their management.



The Sustainability Days consist of 5 regional events that will include a series of awareness-raising and training events and will conclude with the FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards promotional dinners.  


View the agenda for more information.



The schedule for the Sustainability Days is the following:


Asia-Pacific  -  Singapore, Feb 07

Middle-East  -  Dubai, Feb 20

Europe  -  Istanbul, Feb 22

Americas  -  Bogota, Mar 01

Africa  -  Johannesburg, Mar 08

Target audience


The Sustainability Days target the CEOs, Managing Directors, financial decision-makers and strategists of banks and their non-financial partners as well as other financial intermediaries such as asset managers and asset owners.  Managerial and technical staff of these institutions is also encouraged to participate, particularly in the more technical breakout sessions.

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