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Strategic Community Investment

Strategic Community Investment


What we do


IFC's Strategic Community Investment teams work with firms to increase benefits to the local communities in which they operate as well as mitigate local risks. We work with the natural resources, agribusiness, forestry, and infrastructure industries to increase their investment in local communities and convey benefits through their supply chains and tax/royalty payments.



How we do it


IFC works with companies to move beyond compliance with IFC’s performance standards by: 


  • Building company capacity to launch initiatives that benefit both the company and the local community.
  • Developing and disseminating good international practices.
  • Facilitating corporate-community engagement;
  • Encouraging participatory planning and monitoring for community development.
  • Working with companies to identify the business case for investing in communities.
  • Increasing participation of local businesses in the supply chain.


IFC works with governments and other organizations to:


  • Build local government capacity to manage tax/royalty payments to improve community welfare.
  • Support civil society organizations to ensure that local governments are accountable for how they spend tax resources.


We work with companies, leading industry organizations, international financial institutions, civil society, and service providers. We also train regional and local partners and consultants to help companies implement their community investment strategies.



Strategic Community Investment Resources


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