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Resource Efficiency


What we do


IFC's Resource Efficiency teams work with firms to save costs, prevent waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through more efficient use of energy, water, and materials. At the sector level, we promote broader adoption of good practices through case studies and benchmarking energy, water, and material use.



How we do it


IFC works with private and public stakeholders to promote the adoption of more efficient resources use by:


  • Assessing potential for increased energy, water, and material efficiency at the firm level.
  • Developing and undertaking sector benchmarking of resource efficiency indicators for certain resource-intensive sectors to overcome knowledge gaps.
  • Collaborating with financial institutions, industry groups, and other market aggregators to scale up investment in advanced technologies.
  • Promoting resource-efficient best practices and standards such as green buildings standards.
  • Analyzing and supporting policy and regulatory needs on energy/water efficiency and waste prevention/recycling.



Resource Efficiency Resources


Fact Sheet | Project Examples | Publications | Videos





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