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Managing Environmental and Social Risks

Managing Environmental and Social Risks


Risks arising from environmental problems or social discontent surrounding a project can be extremely costly in terms of delays and stoppages, negative publicity, threats to operating license, and significant unforeseen expenditures. At the same time, reputational damage to a company can far exceed the immediate cost impacts of a single project.


Companies that proactively seek to reduce and manage these risks can benefit from improved business performance over time. More than 50 specialists around the globe help IFC integrate risk management throughout the Investment Cycle and help companies identify and mitigate:


  • Environmental and social due diligence (including risk analysis)
  • Project-specific advice to meet IFC Environmental and Social Standards
  • Project-specific business risk management services
  • Guidance and training for commercial banks, private equity funds and other financial intermediaries
  • Annual monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental, social, and business performance
  • Assurance to shareholders and stakeholders

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