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Who we are:

IFC Finance provides core treasury services and offers financial solutions to fit client needs in emerging and transition markets. We pioneer new financial products, develop ways to use IFC's balance sheet to make more lending capital available, and syndicate loans to mobilize resources. Our work supports the broader IFC mission of promoting sustainable private sector investment in developing countries.

Core Treasury Functions:

  • Funding Management. IFC Treasury raises from international markets, the funds necessary to fund IFC's loans to its clients in emerging markets and helps maintain the Corporation's financial strength. It also issues bonds in local currency markets to stimulate capital markets development in developing countries.
  • Liquid Asset Management. IFC invests its liquid assets globally and manages them versus recognized industry benchmarks. We aim to outperform those targets while preserving capital and ensuring funds are available as needed for our private sector investments in developing countries.
  • Asset Liability Management. Treasury manages currency and interest rate risks of assets and liabilities on IFC's funded balance sheet within prudent risk limits. This allows Treasury to tailor risk management and loan products to the needs of IFC's clients while hedging the resulting market risks.

Products and services:

  • Derivative-Based Products. IFC uses innovative approaches to help clients hedge their interest rate, currency, or commodity price exposures.
  • Structured Finance. IFC provides clients with financing through partial credit guarantees, risk sharing facilities, and securitizations.
  • Loan Participations. IFC encourages commercial banks to invest in our projects in developing countries by arranging syndicated loans in which IFC remains the lender of record.
  • Local Currency Financing. IFC offers local currency loans, swaps, and guarantees.

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