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IFC Treasury

IFC Treasury 

Liquid Asset Management

The objective of liquid asset management is to maximize returns while maintaining risks to IFC within acceptable levels - all the while ensuring that funding for IFC investments is available as needed. Most of IFC’s liquid assets are held in U.S. dollars, with small euro and Japanese yen balances held to support operational disbursements. IFC’s assets are invested globally in the highest-quality assets, including sovereign and triple-A-rated corporate bonds.

Assets are held in several distinct portfolios depending upon the initial source of funds.Paid in capital and retained earnings are managed against an intermediate Treasury benchmark. Borrowed funds not on lent to clients are invested in a LIBOR based portfolio. In both cases, a portion of the assets have been outsourced to external fund managers to increase diversity of exposure. Finally, a small portion is retained in an overnight portfolio to fund immediate liquidity needs. All assets are marked to market.

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