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IFC Treasury

IFC Treasury 
Silvia Pavoni, economics editor of The Banker, speaks with Jingdong Hua, VP & Treasurer, IFC at IADB's Annual Meetings in Busan, Republic of Korea
The power of individuals to transform finance will be unprecedented .Watch Mark Pesce's lightning talk on disruptive technologies and their impact on markets and finance.
IFC became the first institution to issue a triple-A rated bond in Costa Rica's domestic markets, raising 5,000 million colones, or approximately $10 million, for private sector investment in emerging markets, including in Costa Rica.
IFC sold $100 million in inclusive business bonds to the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company (Dai-ichi Life), marking the first time that an institutional investor supports IFC’s inclusive business bond program.
IFC issued a 10-year, 10 billion Indian rupee bond (equivalent to $163 million) to increase foreign investment in India, mobilizing international capital markets to support infrastructure development in the country.
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