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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 

The “Open Source” Process

Assessing Private Sector Contributions to Job Creation and Poverty Reduction

The open source process will be a key input to inform the findings of the study. The methodology, data and findings will be made freely and widely available. We will also actively seek inputs from experts and institutions interested in this topic. The process will ensure collaboration with IFC’s partners and clients and other experts to draw upon their own knowledge and experience with job creation. Additionally, the process will ensure joint ownership of findings and the end product.

To facilitate an open source process, IFC will aim to identify opportunities for interactive engagement with our partners, experts and others interested in the work. The primary platform for engagement will be a website created to post background information, links to additional resources and preliminary data and findings. Feedback will be solicited from interested parties. Other on-line interactive tools such as a regularly updated blog, newsletters, ‘job creation’ forum, targeted email blasts/listservs etc and information sources and data to which others can add will also be explored.

IFC will consider having regular information sessions on key motivations for the study and regular updates on the findings from the various strands of work that are being explored in support of this study.

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