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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 

Let's Work - Overview

The IFC Jobs Study was launched in January 2013 at a conference in which a large number of international finance institutions (IFIs), donor agencies, private sector companies and other stakeholders participated.  Twenty-eight IFIs agreed on a joint communiqué to work together to help create more and better jobs by:

  • Working collaboratively to create more and better jobs;
  • Addressing the key constraints identified by the Jobs Study – investment climate, infrastructure, access to finance and training and skills;
  • Helping private sector companies strengthen their value chains;
  • Promoting quality jobs and the inclusion of vulnerable groups (i.e. women and youth); and
  • Learning from each other in order to achieve a lot more, faster. 

Following detailed consultations with the World Bank, IFIs, donors, private sector companies and think tanks, IFC drafted a detailed three-year work program for the Let’s Work partnership.

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