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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 

Let's Work - Governance

The governance structure will aim to balance being nimble on the one hand and collaborative on the other through a three-tiered structure:

  • Steering Group: consisting of high-level senior representatives of participating organizations, donors, IFIs and private companies. All members of the Steering Group will make a significant contribution to the partnership – both financial and also in-kind. The Steering Group will provide overall strategic guidance on the work program and priorities. 
  • Technical Advisory Group: consisting of members from academia, the World Bank, ILO and others, they will play an advisory role and provide technical expertise on specific aspects of the work program.
  • Program Coordination Unit: the Steering Group and the Technical Advisory Group will be supported by a small Program Coordination Unit housed in the IFC that will manage the work program, coordinate with partners and share the knowledge widely with stakeholders.


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