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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 


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IFC Development Results


IFC’s development impact is the long-term sustained effect of our interventions on people’s lives.  In the context of the new WBG goals, this means ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.  Underlying these two is a narrative on the fiscal, social and environmental sustainability of development. Sustained and broad-based economic growth, which helps reduce poverty and lift the living conditions of the poor, is needed to achieve the goals.


Measuring the results of our work is critical to understanding how well our strategy is working—and whether IFC is reaching people and markets that most need our help.


Achieving positive development results is at the core of IFC’s mission. Measuring development results well is critical, as it helps us to assess our activities, improve our operations, and report on our performance to promote learning and provide accountability to stakeholders.


Key Results from FY14

Our record investments and advice helped achieve significant impact for the poor. 

Investment Services

In FY14, IFC invested more than $22 billion, including funds mobilized from other investors.  IFC also provided a record amount of financing, nearly $8.5 billion including funds mobilized from other investors, for private sector development in the world’s poorest countries.  These countries accounted for half of the nearly 600 projects started last year. Annual investments in fragile and conflict-affected areas climbed 20 percent over the past two years to nearly $950 million including funds mobilized from other investors.

Development reach by IFC’s investment clients:

  • 2.6 million jobs were provided.
  • 27.1 million patients were treated
  • 2.5 million students were educated.
  • 2.9 million farmers had improved opportunities provided.
  • 51.3 million customers received power generated
  • 30.3 million people received water distributed
  • 34.5 million loans worth more than $300 billion to micro, small and medium enterprises.


Advisory Services

IFC’s Advisory Services achieved significant results for our clients—businesses and governments alike. Development effectiveness ratings for Advisory Services reached a record of 76 percent, while client-satisfaction ratings climbed to an all-time high of 91 percent. The advice IFC provides is a crucial element of the value to our clients.  In FY14 IFC achieved notable progress in providing client solutions that integrate investment and advice in nearly 160 new advisory engagements.  In addition, Advisory Services did two-thirds of its work in IDA countries with almost 20 percent in FCAS.

Key Results achieved by IFC’s advisory clients

  • IFC’s advice helped mobilize almost $306 million in private investment through public-private partnerships, which are expected to improve infrastructure and health services for millions of people.
  • IFC helped more than 70,000 small and medium enterprises obtain $11.7 billion in financing through our work with collateral registries.
  • IFC helped companies provide affordable off-grid lighting solutions for 8.5 million people.
  • IFC helped governments in 53 countries adopt 100 investment climate reforms.
  • Two indicators from IFC’s performance scorecards:
  • 64 percent of IFC investment projects scored “high” in terms of achieving development outcomes.
  • 76 percent of IFC advisory projects scored “high” in terms of achieving development outcomes.



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