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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 

IFC Development Results for FY13


IFC's new investments climbed to an all- time high of nearly $25 billion, including funds mobilized from other investors, providing capital to more than 600 projects and companies across the world. We invested $18 billion for our own account and mobilized $6.5 billion from other investors.


Our record investments and advice helped achieve significant impact for the poor. Nearly half our investment projects were in the world’s poorest countries. We helped our clients support 2.7 million jobs and provide more than $265 billion in loans to micro, small, and medium enterprises in 2012. Our advice helped governments in 43 countries adopt 76 reforms related to the investment climate.


Investment Services 


At the end of 2012:

  • Our clients treated 17.2 million patients.
  • Our clients educated 1 million students.
  • Our clients improved opportunities for 3.1 million farmers.
  • Our clients generated power for 52.2 million customers.
  • Our clients distributed water to 42 million people.


Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services achieved significant results for our clients— businesses and governments alike. Development effectiveness ratings for Advisory Services reached a record of 75 percent, while client- satisfaction ratings climbed to an all- time high of 90 percent. The advice we provide is a crucial element of the value we bring to our clients, and in FY13 we achieved notable progress in providing client solutions that integrate investment and advice— we had active advisory projects with 250 investment clients.


In FY13

  • Our advice helped mobilize almost $1 billion in private investment through public- private partnerships, which are expected to improve infrastructure and health services for millions of people.
  • We helped more than 40,000 small and medium enterprises obtain $4.5 billion in financing secured with movable property through our work with collateral registries.
  • We also provided training and capacity-building to about 350,000 people— including farmers, entrepreneurs, and managers of  smalland medium enterprises.



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