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Corporate Governance Scorecard: Versatile Tool for Companies, Investors, and Regulators - Experiences from Southeast Europe and East Asia

March 2011 - Companies with strong governance practices achieve higher market valuations. However, once good practices have been adopted, how can a board know whether its company remains on track? Where its strengths are? Its weaknesses? Are other companies doing better or worse? For many companies (as well as investors and regulators), scorecards are proving to be invaluable in providing a yardstick for measuring the level of fulfillment in implementing and monitoring corporate governance. This publication focuses on the lessons learned in developing and using scorecards effectively. Also available in Russian.


"A corporate governance scorecard is an effective tool for all stakeholders to assess companies’ fulfilment of best practice. Its concise criteria provide relevant information that can be readily compared, a valuable asset for investors evaluating portfolio holdings and new investment opportunities."


Christian Strenger (pictured)
Member, German Corporate Governance Commission
Vice-chairman, Forum’s Private Sector Advisory Group

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