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Good Corporate Governance Saves Money... and Lives

See what difference good corporate governance makes for a company’s bottom line, and for lives of its customers and partners. The Global Corporate Governance Forum is happy to present stories from Alumni of its Board Leadership Training in Malawi: “Corporate Governance Saves Money... and Lives," "Increased Lending to Women and Small Businesses" and "Trickle-Down Effect in Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption Practices". play video



As part of its project in Malawi, the Forum enhanced the capacity of the Institute of Directors of Malawi by training a cadre of CG trainers. Building on the existing Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources, the Forum and the IODM jointly developed a localized curriculum to respond to the needs of the Malawi market. The trainers are now equipped to provide robust training programs to directors of local companies. Two alumni of the training program illustrate tangible benefits of implementing good corporate governance practices.


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