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Gender at IFC

Gender at IFC 
Women working in various occupations. Left photo by Belcorp, Middle Photo by Finlays, Right photo World Bank Group

Gender at IFC

IFC coordinates its gender efforts through the Gender Cross Cutting Solution Area (CCSA) with the World Bank Group. We advance the Bank’s twin goals of ending poverty and increasing shared prosperity by investing in and advising the private sector. One key development challenge is the inequality of opportunities for men and women in the economy.


By working to eliminate gender barriers in the private sector, IFC enables companies and economies to improve their performance. When men and women alike are allowed to pursue employment, entrepreneurship, and leadership, societies can realize their growth potential [PDF].


Collectively, women represent an under-employed resource that can increase companies’ profitability and contribute significantly to shared prosperity. However, women have less access to equal employment opportunities and capital to grow their businesses, experience high levels of sexual violence, are often barred from owning or inheriting land or other property, and have less income to invest for the future.


IFC and its partners are addressing these challenges by working with clients to ensure that women and men can equally participate in creating business value and secure influence and income for themselves.




A Snapshot of IFC’s Gender Work in FY 2014

Take a look at some of our work to promote women's economic participation during the last Fiscal Year (July 2013 -July 2014).

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