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Understanding Indonesia Corporate Governance Manual and Roadmap

The development and sustainability of capital markets is linked to the quality of corporate governance practices and standards. Corporate governance is a key factor in the ability of a country to have a conducive and attractive investment climate. Compliance with good corporate governance practices makes companies more transparent and therefore more attractive to potential investors. Good corporate governance provides companies with stronger boards and control environments, thereby improving their performance.


The Indonesia Corporate Governance Manual

This is a learning tool meant to help Indonesian companies at different developmental stages to better understand the value and benefits of good corporate governance. It gives an overview of how companies could improve their corporate governance and provides a bridge between internationally recognized best practices and local laws, codes and regulations.



Bahasa-Indonesia version is coming soon...

Understanding the Corporate Governance Manual and Roadmap

They are two, but separate documents which specifically address the case of Indonesia.

They each have a specific objective: the roadmap – to recommend improving existing regulation; the manual to improve the understanding of corporate governance and its benefits.




Indonesia Corporate Governance Roadmap 


This publication was prepared by the Corporate Governance Task Force (CGTF) of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). It was designed to strengthen corporate governance regulation in Indonesia for listed companies and new issuers. Its aim is to strengthen the supervising role of company boards, increase the quality of disclosure and increase company transparency. The protection of the rights of shareholders and stakeholders is also part of this process.









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