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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance 

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, September 30, 2013 - Most managers and shareholders in the Dominican business sector believe that more knowledge and training in the area of corporate governance and a greater commitment from business leaders are still needed to develop this concept in the Dominican Republic.


The key actors and/or stakeholders in the Dominican private sector agree with these findings and suggest that in order to improve the corporate governance environment, greater awareness among the actors in the system must be promoted, voluntary best-practice codes established, and training activities conducted for regulators and trainers.


These are some of the findings of the national survey conducted by IFC and the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR) on the current situation and prospects for corporate governance, presented during the June 6, 2-13 launch of the Dominican Republic Corporate Governance Program and now highlighted in the September-October 2013 issue of AMCHAMDR's magazine.

About 100 Dominican private sector leaders attended the launch of the Program which will help local firms and family-owned businesses develop sound corporate governance practices to operate more efficiently, improve their access to capital, and manage risks better.



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