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Climate Business

Going green in the building sector can save investors serious money through lower energy and water bills. 

Green Buildings


IFC has solutions for various stakeholders in the green buildings value chain: 


  • Increasing debt and equity investment flows to green buildings while providing macro-level guidance is central to IFC’s sustainability strategy. By encouraging innovation, IFC helps building owners in emerging markets to deliver carbon reductions, lower operating and maintenance costs, and achieve marketplace distinction.
  • IFC provides long-term financing for real estate developers who understand that sustainable development is more than a fad. To empower real estate developers in their decision-making at the early conceptual stage, IFC now offers green building certification system and resources for developers who want to make their current portfolio of properties more environmentally friendly through technical enhancements. 
  • We provide vendor financing for manufacturers and equipment companies that supply technical solutions or building materials with low environmental impacts. 
  • IFC partners with energy service companies (ESCOs) as a platform to deliver energy efficiency solutions for environmentally-friendly buildings.  ESCOs share the benefits of their conservation measures with customers through performance-based contracts that guarantee savings.


We also offer partnership programs for financial intermediaries and governments.  


For more information on IFC's work in green buildings, please visit our Sector pages. 


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