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UN Climate Change Conference 2012

The biggest challenge to development today is climate change. Current levels of climate financing for developing countries fall far short of what is needed for mitigation and adaptation.  While public policy is key, the private sector must also play a leading role.  That is why Climate Business is a core priority for IFC in both its investment and advisory work. 


The private sector's critical role is to innovate, to finance, and to do business in a sustainable way. Stronger support for green growth and sustainable development can be fostered through an enabling policy environment with smart incentives. In Doha, IFC strives to show how private investment and development is key to achieving meaningful progress in putting the global economy on a more sustainable growth path. 


IFC is uniquely positioned as the world’s largest private-sector focused development bank to scale up innovative financial products and frameworks that spur low-emission innovation and generate significant environmental, social and economic benefits for all.


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