Creating Opportunity Where It's Needed Most
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IFC in India

Since 1956, IFC has invested in 346 companies in India, providing over $10.3 billion in financing for its own account and $2.9 billion in mobilization from external resources.

As of June 30, 2014, IFC's committed portfolio in India stood at $4.7 billion, making India IFC's largest portfolio exposure.

The most acute needs for energy, water, roads, phone connections, healthcare, education, sanitation, waste management, access to financial services, are among those who live in low-income, rural and semi-urban parts of the country.

To grow opportunities for the underserved, IFC concentrates on low-income, rural, and fragile regions while


  • building infrastructure and assisting public-private-partnerships;
  • facilitating renewable energy generation; promoting cleaner production, energy and water efficiency;
  • supporting agriculture for improved food security;
  • creating growth opportunities for small businesses;
  • reforming investment climate;
  • developing public-private partnerships;
  • encouraging low-income housing; and
  • making affordable healthcare efficient and accessible.


Through these strategic interventions in the region, IFC aims to bring economic opportunities to underserved communities where needs are greatest, particularly in the low income states of India; help address climate change impacts; and encourage global and regional integration including promoting trade and investments within and from South Asia.

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