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Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean 

Why Do Business With Us?

Long-Term Partnership: IFC helps clients grow, often providing multiple rounds of financing. We see clients through turbulent economic times; when other financial institutions leave emerging markets, we offer solutions for recovery.


Broad Reach: We are based in 16 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean with more than 200 Investment and Advisory Services Officers. We provide in-depth local and industry knowledge as well as access to IFC's global networks.


Sector Expertise: In addition to sharing their expertise and lessons learned worldwide, our industry specialists assess each project we finance and provide invaluable guidance to clients.


Brand Enhancement: IFC's high standards help strengthen clients' reputations and open doors to new sources of funding.


Tailored Solutions: Our integrated investment and advisoty services responde to each client's specific needs. We provide flexible financial structures and a full suite of products.


Mobilization Capacity: We increase investor confidence, help mitigate the perceived risk of investing in emerging markets, and facilitate access to international financial institutions and other developmental agencies.


Development and Economic Impact: We help clients raise their environmental, social, and corporate governance standards and support governments' economic development priorities for maximum impact.


Leadership in Sustainability: IFC supports clean technologies and sustainable financing, helping strengthen clients' competitiveness by reducing operating costs and enhancing energy efficiency. Our green initiatives help mitigate climate change.


E&S Risk Management: IFC helps companies assess environmental and social risks and develop appropriate management and mitigation tools to address them.


Mobilizing Third-Pary Capital: Launched in 2009, the IFC Asset Management Company (AMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IFC and serves as a fund manager of third party capital mobilized under various IFC initiatives.


Coordination Capacity: IFC is willing to lead and coordinate joint due diligence efforts with parallel lenders, export credit agencies, and commercial banks.


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