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Latin America and the Caribbean

500,000 people gained access to new or improved public infrastructure, including roads, schools, sanitary posts, water systems, and more thanks to royalties.
Large oil and gas projects, sponsored by foreign multinationals, selling into global markets—can they be good for the little guy in local economies? In Peru, the answer is clear.
For Peru’s largest bank, the base of the pyramid is big business.
The World Bank Group has joined forces with four other development banks to coordinate crisis-response initiatives and spur economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean.
IFC is helping the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean increase its competitiveness and its role in social and....

IFC in Peru

IFC operates with an integrated approach providing investments and advisory services to clients and partners in Peru. Since Peru became a member of IFC in 1956, IFC has invested $3.1 billion in the country’s private sector, including $1.1 billion in mobilization.*


IFC’s strategy aims to improve the investment climate and support key players in Peru’s private sector that can expand services and products to under-served sectors.


IFC provides advisory services to simplify regulations at the municipal level, facilitate business registration, and create opportunities for small businesses seeking entry into the formal economy. We support programs that mobilize local benefits to regions receiving royalties from extractive industries and that ensure environmentally and socially sustainable growth. IFC invests in industries with strong competitive advantages in Peru, such as agribusiness and tourism. We focus on expanding access to finance for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as access to housing and education finance.


*As of October 1, 2013


Marc Tristant
Country Head and Principal Investment Officer
Calle Miguel Dasso 104
Piso 5, San Isidro
Lima 27, Peru
Tel: (51-1) 611-2500
Assistant: Patricia Pruss 

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