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Latin America and the Caribbean

IFC is helping to transform communications between North America and South America by deploying Seabras-1, a new 10,500 km fiber optic cable that will provide the first direct route between New York and Sao Paulo
KPMG recognized IFC's Bahia Suburbio Hospital and Belo Horizonte Schools in its Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition as models of how public-private partnerships can improve health and education for underserved Brazilians.
Global trade is a vital artery to economic growth. Our Global Trade Finance Program has issued more than $3.9 billion in guarantees to facilitate trade flows in Latin America and the Caribbean since the program’s inception in the region in 2006.
One million people live in Periperi, an impoverished district in the Brazilian city of Salvador. For decades, they lacked an emergency hospital. That's about to change with the Hospital do Subúrbio.
The World Bank Group has joined forces with four other development banks to coordinate crisis-response initiatives and spur economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Guia para modernização de procedimentos para licenciamento de empresas







A regulação da atividade econômica é importante para proteger a sociedade, bem como as próprias empresas.


Com o objetivo de promover o desenvolvimento, mas sem esquecer a proteção à sociedade e às empresas, a Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI) e a International Finance Corporation (IFC), do Grupo Banco Mundial, apresentam este guia.


Convidamos todos os prefeitos e prefeitas do Brasil a conhecer, avaliar e implementar as propostas aqui apresentadas.


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Manual for Performance-Based Contracting by Water Utility Companies in Brazil



This manual is a practical tool to promote the development of Performance-Based Contracts with the intention of helping water utility companies improve their operational efficiency levels, reduce their water losses, and increase the quality of their services.

View document in Scribd | Download full publication [PDF]


IFC in Brazil

The São Paulo office oversees IFC’s offer of comprehensive investment and advisory solutions for private sector in Brazil. Since its creation in 1956, IFC has invested $ 21.8 billion in the country’s private sector, including $7.7 billion in mobilization (*). IFC's first investment was made in Brazil, in 1957: a $2 million loan to help the Siemens affiliate in Brazil manufacture electrical equipment.  

IFC’s strategy in the country supports addressing Brazil’s most pressing development challenges, including those of urbanization, social inclusion, competitiveness, and management of natural resources. Focusing our attention on sectors with structural bottlenecks and need for financing, IFC invests in projects that promote access to financial market, health and education, and help meeting the global demand for commodities as well as the need to optimize infrastructure in Brazil. 

In the last years, IFC has invested about $ 2 billion yearly through loans, equity or quasi-equity transactions, focusing on key strategic sectors such as financial inclusion, infrastructure and logistics, water and sanitation, renewable energy, agribusiness, health,  and education. Infrastructure is a high priority, be it through investments or via advisory in Public-Private Partnerships. IFC also brings its great experience in social, environmental and corporate governance issues to all its investment and advisory projects. 


*As of December, 2014


Hector Gomez Ang
Country Manager
CENU - Edifício Torre Sul
Rua James Joule, 65 - 19o. andar
São Paulo, SP - 04576-080
Tel: (5511) 5185-6888

Rua Redentor, 14
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