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Resource Efficiency In Nitrogen-Based Chemical And Fertilizer Production Benchmarking Project


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector.


In 2008 the company rolled out a resource efficiency investment program in Russia and CIS. We aim to increase investments in resource efficiency and encourage application of resource efficient technologies in nitro-based chemistry. It helps to advance the company’s financial performance, save costs and thus improve profitability. The adoption of systematic forward-looking approaches in resources use will beneficially effect abatement including reduction of GHG emission.


IFC has launched a resource efficiency (REF) benchmarking project focusing on nitrogen based chemical and fertilizer production sites. The study covers ammonia, nitric acid, urea and nitrogen-based fertilizer manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the Balkans region and Central Asia.


The project aims to stimulate investment into resource efficiency projects in the sector across the region.


IFC intends to turn resource efficiency benchmarking into a regular practice of the industry. Two to three years repetition cycles will display sector evolution and provide participants with a clear, updated and dynamic picture of the competition field.


Resource efficiency benchmarking compares specific REF indicators with the analogical average and best industry values, and thereby reveals areas for improvement and cost savings. REF outcomes will serve as a practical tool for management to understand where their operations stand against the spectrum of competitors. The outcomes also will help to identify areas for improvement in a company’s operations and equipment, and will support an informed investment decision.


May 2011

July 2013

A. Needs assessment and questionnaire

• Questionnaires distribution and responses collection: Sept-Oct 2011

B. Methodology development and testing: 4th Q of 2012

C. Company involvement – individual data collection and preparation of individual reports: end 2012 1st Q 2013


A. Deliverables

  • Individual reports for participating plants
  • General sector report
  • Guidelines on benchmarks comparison
  • Reference documents.

B. Investments

  • The increased number of enterprises investing own funds in resource efficiency projects
  • IFC’s direct investment in the sector (up to five companies)
  • Driving other financial institutions to invest in resource efficient projects in nitro based chemistry.


At this stage IFC conducted a preliminary survey of industry opinions and needs. Sector experts, professional associations and thought leaders are actively involved in the work.

To download questionnaire click here (pdf, 160Kb)



We invite all producers in the ECA region to take part in the benchmarking study.



IFC in cooperation with ITS partners design methodology and collects data to check the concept and prove effectiveness of the methodology at three to six test companies.

The intended methodology will leverage, build on and aim to be consistent with work done by IFA, EFMA and Russian Union of Chemists.

Detailed study concept will be developed with involvement of sector experts, international and regional industry associations, research institutes and a leading chemical engineering consultancy.



IFC considers tracing of further project development. After 2-3 years after this research IFC plans to conduct the second analysis to assess results of the project and to update benchmarks.



Companies participating in the project can understand in which aspects they are better than competitors and where lies the potential for improvement and investment. More specifically, they can learn:

  • How their resource efficiency measures compare to global, European and regional best practices
  • Where should be the priority for investments to achieve the most effective results
  • Where to focus management efforts, which low cost organizational and operational measures can bring the highest benefits
  • Which REF technologies, techniques and equipment are best to improve specific aspects



Please, contact the project manager to participate in the study or get more information:

Olga Khlebinskaya

Project Manager

Phone: +7 9163566356



We respect the privacy and confidentiality of information received during the benchmarking study and do not divulge any portion of a company’s data to either enrolled participants or third parties. The study report comprises only aggregated data and contains no record about particular companies.



IFC initiative received powerful support from the most influential international industry associations: IFA and EFMA. The Russian Chemistry Association and University of Chemical Technology of Russia have become the project’s partners.

Leading sector experts have been invited to participate in the Coordination Committee. We involve the most authoritative and competent specialists with an outstanding expertise to make our work impartial and significant.


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