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Due to Georgia’s strong dairy traditions, its people consume a great deal of cheese, yoghurt, and milk products. But a couple of years ago many Georgian parents were surprised to learn, thanks to new labeling regulations, that many of their childre
IFC is working to boost mortgage financing in Georgia, where it's below even emerging market standards
Boosted by a $1.5 million loan from IFC – its first investment in mushrooms – Georgian producer Tetri Kudi is expanding capacity more than 20 percent and hopes to begin exporting to Russia.
Caring about food safety means caring about your brand. Many famous brands made a breakthrough once they started following food safety standards, exactly what Marshe, a Georgian food producer and wholesale distributor, hopes to achieve with support

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IFC in Georgia

Georgia became a member and shareholder of IFC in 1995. Since then, IFC has invested over $810 million* in 60 projects in the financial services, manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors, and mobilized more than $272 million from other lenders. IFC has also implemented a number of advisory projects focused on developing the private sector and supported regional projects that include Georgia commitments.


IFC Strategy in Georgia

Through a combination of investment and advisory services, IFC works to expand private sector participation in infrastructure, renewable energy, and agribusiness, and support small and medium enterprises in all sectors of the Georgian economy.


IFC Investment
IFC’s portfolio in Georgia stands at almost $322 million* with investments in financial markets, manufacturing, infrastructure, and oil.


* These amounts include only projects based in Georgia and not regional or global projects.

Details of projects currently in progress can be found in IFC Disclosure. For completed projects see press releases below or visit the IFC Press Room.


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