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East Asia & the Pacific

IFC Corporate Governance Media Workshop in Indonesia

Date: June 9-10, 2014
Venue: The Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia


IFC, through the Indonesia Corporate Governance Program (ICGP), and in partnership with the Institute of Corporate Directorship (IICD) and Lembaga Pers Dr. Soetomo (LPDS), is hosting a media workshop on June 9-10 to build capacity among journalists to report on corporate governance issues among Indonesian companies. Based on the view that “better companies make better societies,” the objective of the event is to draw reporters’ attention to the critical role good corporate governance plays in building a sustainable private sector that can support economic growth that benefits more people in the country. Through journalists’ ability to disseminate information widely, they are uniquely positioned to make readers and viewers aware of company activities that have significant impact on society.  


Specific objectives of the workshop are to:


  • Explaining and illustrating what corporate governance is
  • Helping journalists develop skills in recognizing corporate-governance stories
  • Examining major issues in corporations, family-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises in East Asia Pacific 
  • Improving journalists’ skills in reporting and writing stories that contain corporate-governance elements
  • Improving journalists’ ability to understand and interpret financial information and present it clearly to their audiences 











Opening Remarks and Presentations















Ian Crosby, IFC's Sustainable Business Advisory Manager for East Asia Pacific, talks about the importance of good corporate governance at IFC's media workshop in Jakarta on June 9.

Bambang Harymurti, CEO of Tempo, an Indonesian media group, shares his experience in investigative reporting and exposing corporate fraud in Indonesia with fellow members of the Indonesian press at IFC's corporate governance media workshop. 

Moez Miaoui, Operations Officer of IFC's Indonesia Corporate Governance Program, presents a souvenir to James Simanjuntak of the Institute of Corporate Directorship at IFC's corporate governance media workshop in Jakarta.




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