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Energy Efficiency Gets Prize (Vietnam)

As East Asia’s industrializing emerging markets consume ever more energy, resources for investments in less carbon-intensive new and alternative power generation often remain scarce.

IFC is taking first effective steps in reining in greenhouse gas emissions by helping to make the use of energy more efficient in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in East Asia.

Vietnam’s impressive economic growth has seen energy demand more than double between 2001 and 2011, and it is likely to double again in the following 10 years, if economic growth remains robust. At the same time, Vietnam promises huge energy savings potential.

Therefore, IFC is supporting the country’s Energy Conservation Center in designing training programs to raise company directors’, energy managers’, and technicians’ awareness of energy efficiency solutions and principles. Effective factory energy management systems help businesses reduce production costs, increase profits, and improve competitiveness. Following a year of development and piloting, the Ho Chi Minh City-based center set up a training unit and committed resources to marketing and delivering classes to small and midsized enterprises and other firms.

“I was impressed with the course’s professional and easy-to-understand presentation, which provided insights on good practices of energy management systems, their benefits, and most importantly, solutions to operating such systems effectively,” says Dao Hoang Lien, Deputy General Manager of Hotel Continental Saigon.

The training motivated the hotel to strengthen its current energy management system following energy audit recommendations, which contributed to 2 million kilowatt hours saved over eight years. The efforts earned Continental Saigon a second prize in the Vietnam Energy Management in Industry and Buildings 2010 competition.

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