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IFC lent the equivalent of $6 million to Singaporean logistics firm Portek to facilitate the privatization of Magerwa Dry Port in Rwanda.
IFC invested in Singapore-based Global Indian International Schools to increase access to quality primary and secondary education in emerging markets in Asia, including in lower-income countries.
IFC kicked off its inaugural Sustainability Day in Singapore this month to raise awareness on the business case of sustainability and increase adoption of sustainable practices among financial institutions in Asia.

Around the Bank Group

IFC in Singapore

IFC is a long-term investor providing debt and equity finance to Singapore-based companies for agribusiness, consumer services, and infrastructure projects in emerging economies. We also support the private sector in participating in infrastructure projects through public private partnerships.

IFC, with more than 50 years of experience in investing in emerging markets, helps Singapore-based companies looking to expand in Asia, Africa and beyond to invest profitably and sustainably in the growth markets of tomorrow. We also work with Singaporean banks in arranging financing for firms with operations in emerging economies.

Assisting Singapore-based Companies Entering the Emerging Markets

Singapore-based companies that are interested in entering the emerging markets can benefit from IFC’s financing, networks and expertise.  With our global presence and knowledge, IFC helps companies invest in profitable agribusiness, services and infrastructure projects in the emerging countries such as in Asia and Africa.

Working with Singaporean Banks in Mobilizing Funds

IFC works with Singapore-based banks to co-finance or mobilize funds to support companies that are interested in developing infrastructure and other sectors in emerging countries.

Promoting Public-Private Partnership
IFC provides advice on how private investors can work with the state to develop complex infrastructure projects, such as power, transportation, and water distribution systems. We have deep expertise in facilitating fair, open, and competitive privatizations worldwide, lending credibility to these transactions and raising the level of investor interest.

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