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Reforms in the Philippines makes it among the top ten most improved business environments in the world according to Doing Business 2014 report.
Since Manila Water began operating a concession contract for East Manila 15 years ago, the company has brought clean and affordable water to nearly 6.2 million customers so far, doubling the number of people it used to serve.
Ensuring that water flows at the turn of the tap, gas fuels the cooking stove, and electricity illuminates the house has traditionally been the responsibility of state-owned utility companies the world over.
The project provides technical training that helps growers maintain soil quality, recycle water, and produce quality crops, and business training that enables farmers to increase efficiency. As a result, Unifrutti commands a higher price for its prod
Small and medium enterprises form the backbone of many of Asia’s developing economies. Helping them create jobs can alleviate poverty.

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IFC in Philippines

IFC supports the Philippines’ sustainable development by helping attract international investors to sectors such as infrastructure and public utilities, financial institutions, and agribusinesses. We provide loans and equity investments to private sector companies, including small and medium enterprises with growth potential, and mobilize financing from other sources. We advise firms and the government on how to enhance businesses’ competitiveness.


Since 1962, IFC has invested more than $3 billion in equity and loans for more than 100 private sector companies. We have expanded access to finance and infrastructure, facilitated public-private partnerships, improved the investment climate, mitigated climate change, and supported agribusinesses. IFC’s unique financing and advisory products combine global expertise with local knowledge, maximizing investment returns and social benefits.


Mitigating Climate Change

  • IFC helps scale up lending for projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate-change mitigation by advising and providing risk guarantees to our partner banks to support their loans.
  • We are supporting a 180-megawatt solar-and-biomass plant investment on the island of Negros in central Philippines.
  • To promote energy efficiency, IFC supported Mandaluyong City in Metro Manila in drafting a green-building ordinance that requires new buildings to adopt environmentally friendly features.


Supporting Public-Private Partnership Projects

  • IFC helps the government and private investors collaborate on financing and executing major infrastructure projects.
  • We support public-private partnerships by advising on bids to build a toll expressway connecting the three terminals of the country’s principal airport and a 12-kilometer extension of a Metro Manila train line.


Supporting Agribusiness

  • The World Bank Group supports agribusiness investments in the Bangsamoro region in southern Philippines to promote agricultural development and create jobs.
  • IFC is helping the Department of Agriculture to improve import-export procedures to reduce the costs of agricultural products and enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector.


Expanding Financing

  • IFC supports banks to expand their lending to farmers and micro, small, and women-led enterprises.
  • IFC is helping to attract more investments for entrepreneurs in Tacloban and other cities struck by Typhoon Haiyan; we are also supporting the development of affordable agri-insurance products that will quickly reimburse farmers struck by typhoons and other natural disasters for their losses. 
  • IFC has been advising the government on the establishment of a credit bureau to improve access to credit for small business owners and individual borrowers.


Enhancing Trade and Competitiveness

  • IFC advises the government on improving laws and regulations to create a more business-friendly environment in the Philippines to attract more investments.
  • We have been supporting the Transportation and Communications Department to streamline the registration and licensing procedures for commercial ships to open up competition in the shipping sector, reduce logistics costs and ultimately reduce the price of goods.


Tailored Advice – Adding Value Beyond Financing

  • Business regulation enhancements
  • Corporate governance and risk management
  • Public-private partnerships
  • SME banking
  • Sustainable energy advisory
  • Supply chain management


Financial Products

  • Loans
  • Equity/Quasi-equity investments
  • Investments in equity and
  • debt funds
  • Syndications
  • Structured finance
  • Risk guarantees
  • Trade finance



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